Social Media Template

Below are social media templates you can use to share your excitement about attending TrustCon. Some of the templates have white space for you to put in your own content or image (such as a headshot). Click on the image, which will open a new screen. Then right-click on the image to download it. 

"I'm Attending" image - 1200x627

I'm attending TrustCon image

"I'm Speaking" image - 1200x627

I'm speaking at TrustCon image

Banner image - 1584x396

TrustCon banner image

Template 1 - 1200x627

TrustCon rectangle template 1

Template 2 - 1200x627

TrustCon rectangle template 2

Template 3 - 1200x627

TrustCon rectangle template 3

Template 1 - 1200x1200

TrustCon square template 1

Template 2 - 1200x1200

TrustCon square template 2

Template 3 - 1200x1200

TrustCon square template 3

Rules for Sharing

We want you to share your excitement about TrustCon! But we do have some rules about how you talk about TrustCon.

  • Do not alter the image or TrustCon logo.
  • Do not use the images to promote anything non-TrustCon related. (For example, events or meetings you are hosting or attending at TrustCon’s venue or during TrustCon’s dates.)
  • Do not use the image to explicitly or implicitly state that TrustCon is sponsoring, supporting, or promoting an organization, brand, service, or product.