It is important to us that attendees at TrustCon are able to engage comfortably with respect to their confidentiality and privacy. Our Privacy & Confidentiality policy outlines how we help attendees recognize and respect the privacy preferences of other attendees and of speakers, and how we handle attendee data. 

This page outlines our expectations and guidelines on how TSPA and attendees - including members of the press - manage their interactions with each other. 

Press Guidelines

Members of the press are invited to attend TrustCon in a variety of capacities: as speakers, attendees, or as official press pass holders. All journalists must wear a yellow lanyard to identify them as press (available at the registration desk). All press at TrustCon, regardless of their registration status, are attending TrustCon on background only. This means that what they see and hear during presentations, discussions, and conversations can only be reported on if they receive permission from the person speaking. 

Members of the press are welcome and encouraged to network and speak with attendees. They can interview attendees and speakers if permission is granted. TSPA can also provide a list of individuals who are interested in speaking with journalists during the conference. 

Limited press passes are available. (Note that we are out of press passes this year.)

Photography and Videography

TSPA will have an official photographer and videographer at TrustCon. They have permission to record sessions, activities, and events at TrustCon (with the exception of closed sessions). They will abide by TrustCon’s Privacy Guidelines, and avoid recording anyone wearing a red lanyard. (Please note that in crowd shots, this may be unavoidable. TSPA will not post any videos or photos of anyone whose face is visible wearing a red lanyard; however if you are wearing a red lanyard and you see a photo or video of yourself posted, please let us know.)

We do not allow professional recording equipment or unofficial professional photographers or videographers at TrustCon, unless we have given them explicit permission. In the rare circumstances in which we allow external professional photographers or videographers to record TrustCon activities and events, we will provide notice to attendees. 

Taking Photos and Videos, Producing Content at TrustCon

Can I take a photo of myself and my friends/colleagues?

Yes. Review TrustCon’s Privacy & Confidentiality Guidelines, and ask for permission before taking photos or videos of others. 

Can I share photos and videos I take on social media?

You may post it on personal social media accounts as long as you’ve received permission from the individuals in the photo. During sessions, please note the session preferences, as some presenters do not allow photos or videos taken or their information being shared online. 

Can I take photos, videos, recordings at TrustCon and of other attendees and use it for my own or my company’s blog, podcast, vlog, etc.?

You can use photos or videos you take, but you must be authentic about your engagement at TrustCon. For example, you can share photos and videos about you being at TrustCon, learning about trust and safety, engaging with peers. However, you cannot imply that you were a speaker if you were not, or a sponsor if you were not.

If you are using photos, videos, or recordings of other attendees, they must not only provide consent, you need to tell them what you will use it for (a podcast, a blog post).

My company wants to record our employees’ presentations and interactions at TrustCon. Is that okay?

Yes, you can record your employees, but you must follow our Privacy & Confidentiality Guidelines and the guidelines on this page. Professional equipment or professional photographer/videographer is not allowed without explicit permission from TSPA. If you want to record someone who is not your employee, you must get permission and let them know how you plan on sharing the information. 

I want to take photos and videos at TrustCon and use it to promote my business and/or my brand. Is that okay?

TrustCon is a professional conference for T&S practitioners, and TSPA is a membership association. Neither TSPA, as an organization, nor TrustCon, as a conference, endorse or promote companies, practices, or issues. You cannot use photos or videos you take at TrustCon to imply that TSPA or TrustCon endorses or validates your business, practices, policies, brand, product, or services.