Sponsors of TrustCon have the opportunity to invest in this critical field and in the trust and safety professionals who work to keep our communities safe. This year, TrustCon Sponsorships are available at various levels to meet each sponsor’s interest and goals. You have three ways to sponsor TrustCon: (1) Conference Sponsorship Package, (2) Exhibit, or (3) Sponsored Activity.

Conference Sponsorship

This year, we have five conference sponsorship available. 

$100,000 USD

$75,000 USD

$50,000 USD

$25,000 USD

$10,000 USD

2 available

None available

2 available

6 available

10 available

Upgrades are available for additional benefits. Cost for upgrades range from $35,000 to $4,000. Download the full Sponsorship Packet to see those upgrades. 

  • Select Speaking Day Slot (for Visionary and Champion Sponsors only)
  • Dedicated Meeting Space (for Visionary, Champions, and Advocate Sponsors only)
  • Privacy Pod Branding
  • Exhibit Discount
  • Pre-Purchased Tickets


Exhibits come in two forms: traditional Tabletop Exhibits and Demo Exhibits. Tabletop exhibits (20 tables per day) will be in our Exhibit Hall, with maximum foot traffic. Demo exhibits (4 per day) will be in a quieter area, but with a larger space. Exhibits give your organization a dedicated space at TrustCon to interact with attendees. (Registered non-profit organizations can get a $5,000 discount.)

Tabletop Exhibit
$15,000 USD

Demo Exhibit
$15,000 USD

15 tables available

12 available

Sponsored Activities

Sponsored Activities are short 1-2 hour long activities. Birds of a Feather are fun activities you can organize outside of TrustCon conference programming. Specialty Breaks consist of a morning Coffee Bar or an afternoon Snack Bar, in which you can host and brand. You can sponsor a Signature Cocktail at TrustCon’s welcome reception, in which you can name the cocktail. These events will be recognized as official TrustCon activities.

Birds of a Feather
$5,000 (standard)

Birds of a Feather
$10,000 (on-site)

Specialty Break

Signature Cocktail 

5 available

2 available

3 available

3 available

Interested In Sponsoring TrustCon?

If you know which sponsorship opportunities + upgrades you want, email us with the following information: 

  1. Request the sponsorship you want. It must include: the sponsorship package, specific upgrades, table top exhibit or demo exhibit, or specific sponsored activity. Let us know if you want us to CONFIRM or HOLD the sponsorship. 

    • If you are CONFIRMING, we will move forward with a contract.

    • If you are HOLDING, we will hold the package + options you want for 5 business days. If you have not CONFIRMED after 5 business days, we will release the package and options to anyone else who is interested.

  2. TSPA will respond and acknowledge your request. If something you have requested is no longer available, we will let you know.

If you are interested in sponsoring TrustCon or would like to speak with us, please contact us