TrustCon is the premiere event for trust and safety experts from industry, civil society, researchers, government, and others to come together with the goal of knowledge building, networking, and to build community with each other. We view our exhibit space as part of that community - encouraging connections, relationship building, and expanding attendees’ knowledge of trust and safety. 

Our exhibitors are curated and relatively few - only 9 a day, as we see the exhibits as part of our community. We will only select exhibitors whose services, products, or publications have direct application to the field of trust and safety.* This year, the exhibit area will be in the Grand Ballroom Foyer, where we will also have the conference registration check-in desk and serve beverages all day, ensuring maximum traffic. 

TrustCon 2023 Exhibits


$10,000 USD per day (for-profit companies)

$6,000 USD per day (for non-profit companies)

TSPA will provide

6 foot table, 2 chairs, access to electrical power (standard 10-amp circuit, 120 volt), internet

TrustCon Ticket

2 tickets


Organization name listed on conference website

Exhibit Space

TrustCon exhibits are table-top exhibits. Each exhibit space will be 8x8, and includes a 6-foot table. The exhibits will be lined against two walls, along with other exhibitors. We will ensure that there are at least 4-6 inches between your space and the other exhibitor. 

Exhibitors can bring AV, signage, backdrop, give-aways, but it must fit within the 8x8 space. We don’t recommend a highly complex setup, as that may require more power or internet (at additional cost to the exhibitor). Note that give-aways will require pre-approval from TSPA.

Exhibit Dates

As daily exhibits, exhibitors can request the day (July 11, 12, or 13) they wish to exhibit or TSPA can assign the exhibit date based on availability. (Exhibitors can also choose to exhibit more than just one day.) TSPA reserves the right to change the date of exhibit based on space availability or other considerations in the overall interest of the event, but will provide notice to you and work with you to ensure that the date change works. 

Interested In Exhibiting? Contact Us!

If your organization is interested in exhibiting or have additional questions, click on the link below, fill out a short form so we have a little bit more information about your organization, and we’ll send you more information about exhibiting at TrustCon. 

* TSPA reserves the right to decline any exhibit application OR exhibit materials that, in the sole judgment of TSPA, is unsuitable to or not keeping with the educational mission and objectives of TSPA or TrustCon.