Full Name
Julia Kamin
Job Title
Program Director
Prosocial Design Network
Speaker Bio
Julia Kamin, PhD, works with organizations that leverage social science to improve civic discourse and mitigate toxic political polarization both on and off line. In her dissertation work, Julia used agent based models and experimental designs to examine the dynamics of information polarization in social media. Currently, she is Project Director at Prosocial Design Network, working with a team of social scientists to identify, vet and aggregate evidence based prosocial interventions. Julia is also the Director of Research at Civic Health Project, where she conducts and oversees research related to the reduction of toxic polarization. Previously Julia was research manager at Citizens and Technology Lab, Cornell University, where she conducted field experiments in collaboration with online communities to test the effectiveness of prosocial interventions. Julia received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Michigan.
X (formerly Twitter) Handle
Julia Kamin