Full Name
Emma Llanso
Job Title
Director, Free Expression Project
Center for Democracy & Technology
Speaker Bio
Emma Llansó is the Director of CDT’s Free Expression Project, where she works to promote law and policy that support Internet users’ free expression rights in the United States, Europe, and around the world. Emma leads CDT's legislative advocacy, litigation and amicus activity, and direct-to-company advocacy on freedom of expression issues, including intermediary liability law and policy, content moderation, and transparency reporting. Her work spans many subjects, including human trafficking, privacy and online harassment, online child safety, terrorist propaganda, and disinformation. Emma's work has a particular focus on the capabilities and limitations of machine learning techniques and other forms of automation in content moderation and analysis of online speech, and the ways these technologies shape, and are shaped by, regulatory and other frameworks for governing online speech. Emma represents CDT in multiple multistakeholder advisory bodies, including the Freedom Online Coalition Advisory Network, the Christchurch Call Advisory Network, as well as the Safety Advisory Councils of Twitch and Spotify.
X (formerly Twitter) Handle
Emma Llanso