Full Name
Helen Gould
Job Title
Principal and Founder
Tech Strategizers LLC
Speaker Bio
Helen “Autonomous Future” Gould, Founder of Tech Strategizers LLC, is an internationally recognized futurist, consultant, speaker, and author writing about creating “trustworthy technology” and developing IEEE standards (P2863) for Organizational Governance of Artificial Intelligence. Helen is best known for starting and leading Intel’s initial efforts in automated driving, which resulted in the >$15B acquisition of Mobileye and is now a $2B a year business. Helen’s expertise in Autonomous Machines and Systems includes: highly automated factories, autonomous data centers, digital home, and the future of transportation both automated driving and the autonomous aerial revolution (aerial ride sharing, flying taxis, delivery and cargo drones, and overhauling the global air traffic control systems). Helen has an MBA from the Wharton School and a bachelor’s in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Tech. Helen’s passion is for making the world a better place and making our autonomous future "more cool and less creepy."
Helen Gould