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Mike Pappas
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Mike Pappas is the CEO/Co-founder of Modulate, which works with studios like Riot Games and Rec Room to foster safer and more inclusive online voice chat. Mike’s work at Modulate ranges from developing new partnerships within the industry, monitoring trends and new opportunities for Modulate’s unique technology to have a positive impact, and reinforcing an internal and external culture of passion, respect, and personal growth.

Mike graduated from MIT with a BS in Physics and Applied Mathematics in 2014. After graduating, he worked with a series of unique founders like Ray Dalio (Bridgewater) and Paul English (Kayak.com / Lola Travel), combining their lessons with his own research and experience to build a philosophy of effective company cultures - which he likes to think has served Modulate well. (modulate.ai/culture) Outside of work, his passions include creating themed cocktail lists, long-distance running, and playing Nintendo games.
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Mike Pappas