Defining the Space: Making the Most of Your Code of Conduct

Writing a successful Code of Conduct - in other words, defining the lines of where "all fun and games" ends and genuine harm begins - is an immensely challenging task. Each individual and community group brings in their own history and cultural norms, and what's harmful to one individual may be not only acceptable, but absolutely *necessary* for others to feel welcome. Making matters more complicated, Codes of Conduct are not merely communications to users; they also carry legal weight and are subject to a variety of requirements through new and old regulation including the EU's DSA, the UK Online Safety Bill, COPPA (and its potential successor COPPA 2.0), and GDPR / CCPA. In this workshop, Mike will guide attendees through key tactics for designing an effective Code of Conduct - and provide ample opportunity for attendees to learn from each other as well. Mike (as CEO of Modulate, which works with game studios like Riot Games and Rec Room on online voice safety) has worked with a wide range of indie and AAA studios on both their formal Code of Conduct and more informal communication strategies. He will begin the workshop by providing basic guidance around: - The inherent value of being clear to users about *why* they are getting in trouble (it reduces recidivism as well as increasing user retention and community investment) - High-level requirements for a Code of Conduct to be compliant and effective (definition of what is/isn't allowed as well as which penalties could be applied) Then, participants will be broken into groups and given sections from existing Codes of Conduct to discuss phrasings and approaches that are more or less successful. With this baseline understanding, groups will then be given an opportunity to discuss unique challenges that emerge for different types of platforms (social media, gaming, VR, online dating, etc). The goal is for the naturally interdisciplinary groups to be able to identify both the ways in which Codes of Conduct must vary, but also clever strategies and approaches from other industries which can inform improved design for the future.

This workshop is open to all TrustCon attendees except for press and is intended for anyone involved in defining community standards. Chatham House Rule will apply, and recording will be prohibited.

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Boardroom C
Thursday, July 13, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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, Policy
No press
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