Full Name
Marie McCauley
Job Title
Investigations and Risk Management Analyst
Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Marie is one of 3 authors working on an upcoming TSPA Curriculum Chapter focusing on investigations, intelligence, and risk mitigation. She and her team at Zoom investigate emerging, large-scale types of product or platform abuse to propose product fixes and provide resources that educate users about online safety. Marie specializes in Trust and Safety issues that fall outside of user-generated content (UGC), such as social engineering attack prevention, scams, and login security. She speaks multiple languages and enjoys learning about the nuances of how platform abuse differs depending on age, culture, location, and more.

As a Trust and Safety professional who joined the field as a college grad hire, Marie is passionate about helping people within and outside of Trust and Safety and the tech industry learn more about the field and finds ways to get involved.
Marie McCauley