Decentering Trust and Safety: Approaches and Lessons from Beyond Social Media

The trust and safety community includes practitioners and companies from a wide range of industries; but our conversations about the field tend to disproportionately focus on the experiences of large social media platforms. From dating to creators to videogames, this panel explores approaches to trust and safety work at companies operating outside the traditional “center” of the field and industry. From the frontiers of age assurance to the complex work of developing rules that can accommodate non-dominant sexualities to the unique challenges of dealing with cheaters (in every sense of the word!), this panel explores the policies, practices, and technologies employed by a diverse set of platforms to protect and serve their communities. Bringing together researchers, industry advocates, and platform representatives, we discuss the lessons T&S practitioners can take from the unique experiences and innovations of the online dating, gaming, and content creation industries.

Location Name
Ballroom B
Tuesday, July 11, 2023
2:50 PM - 3:40 PM
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Policy, Product
No press