Online Regulation of Terrorist Content: Trends and Competing Demands for Tech Companies

Through three editions of the Online Regulation Series (ORS), Tech Against Terrorism has analysed over 100 pieces of legislation from 30 jurisdictions around the world. In doing so, we make sense of the complex regulatory landscape requiring platforms to prevent the dissemination of illegal and harmful content on their services. Over the past three years, we have closely monitored the evolution of regulation impacting online content, and we provide an overview of the legal requirements that can impact online efforts counterterrorism and violent extremism. Transparency and human rights are at the core of Tech Against Terrorism’s work, and the ORS also reviews requirements related to transparency and accountability in content moderation, as well as the impact of legislation on human rights. At TrustCon 2023, Tech Against Terrorism will present our analysis of the online regulatory landscape. Our presentation would be geared toward all TrustCon attendees with a particular focus on tech platform content moderators, tech platform policy experts, and trust and safety teams dealing with competing demands from various online regulation around content removal and transparency reporting. We will provide an overview of introduced and passed legislation from the past year across the world, with a focus on the most impactful pieces of regulation from the past year across both the European Union and the United States. This includes the DSA and the EU Regulation on the dissemination of terrorist content (TCO). These two pieces of landmark legislation cover a significant market and affect the online regulation of content beyond the EU. In the US, we will draw upon Section 230 and Texas House Bill 20 to highlight examine competing pieces of legislation, and will present the practical implications for what this means for tech platform compliance. We will supplement our presentation with printed executive summaries of our third Online Regulation Series report. A core component of Tech Against Terrorism’s work is distilling complex and competing demands of online regulation to make them practical and digestible for tech platforms. We look forward to addressing this with the TrustCon audience.

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Seacliff C
Thursday, July 13, 2023
2:50 PM - 3:40 PM
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Policy, Regulation
All TrustCon attendees
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