A First-Hand Look at the Pivotal Role of a Team Leader

The last few years have seen seismic changes in the role played by team leaders on the frontline of content moderation. And it really can feel like a frontline. A blend of pandemic-driven behaviors and next-generation technological advances have combined to turbo-charge the content moderation landscape, changing everything from the volumes of content being moderated, to their shifting context, to whether you’re dealing with a bot, and beyond. These days there are even state actors present on platforms, alongside huge ecommerce players. Team leaders might need to understand the geo-politics of a territory and how breaking news there might impact their team. And we expect team leaders to be on top of it all, checking for bias and context, and even able to flag up state-sponsored propaganda. That’s not even counting managing their own team and their wellbeing. It’s a lot. In this session we want to drill down into what’s really happening inside the role that’s so pivotal to the success of content moderation.

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Seacliff D
Tuesday, July 11, 2023
1:30 PM - 2:20 PM
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Effective Teams, Scaling T&S
All TrustCon attendees
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