Full Name
Gaurav Sinha
Job Title
EVP & Global Account CEO
Speaker Bio
Gaurav Sinha is an accomplished leader in the field of trust and safety, with a proven track record of implementing effective strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of online communitiesn & moderators. With over 20 years of experience in the tech & services industry, he has become a trusted advocate for user protection and responsible content moderation.

Throughout his career, Gaurav has held various leadership positions in reputable tech & services companies, where he has demonstrated exceptional expertise in building and managing teams focused on trust and safety. His passion for creating a secure and inclusive online environment has driven him to stay at the forefront of industry trends, emerging technologies, and evolving regulatory landscapes.

Gaurav's deep understanding of the complexities involved in ensuring trust and safety has been honed through his extensive experience managing global teams and working in highly complex and fast-paced environments. As the Executive Vice President & Global Account CEO in Trust & Safety division at Teleperformance, Gaurav is responsible for driving profitable growth while working with top-tier social media platform companies

Gaurav holds a master’s degree in international business from a leading university, where he specialized in global business consulting and human-computer interaction. His interdisciplinary education provides him with a unique perspective when addressing the challenges and complexities of trust and safety in the digital space.

• Developed and implemented a comprehensive trust and safety operational framework that significantly improved the global collaboration among the markets & client as Operations leader
• Led a team of trust and safety professionals to successfully combat online harassment, CSAM and cyberbullying and many more, resulting in a huge reduction in reported incidents over the period of time
• Played a key role in shaping the industry's response to various global political election fake news, including deepfake technology, by collaborating with research institutions and social media partners to develop proactive detection and mitigation strategies
• Published several articles and whitepapers on trust and safety, sharing insights and best practices with the broader community

Passions and Interests:
Beyond his professional pursuits, Gaurav is an advocate for digital literacy and the responsible use of technology. He believes in the power of education to create a positive and secure digital future for all.

In his free time, Gaurav enjoys outdoor activities such as running and cycling. He also has a passion for Cricket and uses it as a creative outlet to build the strategy while working on different pitches each day in the world of social media & digital world.
Gaurav Sinha