Full Name
Tilak Prasad Pathak
Job Title
Executive Director
Center for Media Research Nepal (CMR-Nepal)
Speaker Bio
Tilak Prasad Pathak is Executive Director of Center for Media Research Nepal (CMR-Nepal), a Kathmandu based research and policy-oriented think tank. Mr. Pathak is also the Associate Editor of Nepal’s premier national daily Nàgarik. Pathak has had more than two decade of experience in Nepali journalism, worked as an investigative reporter and held the position of an Op-ed editor in Nepal’s largest selling daily Kàntipur. Pathak has written extensively in Nepal's politics, corruption, media and democracy. Pathak was a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow (2015–2016) at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington D.C where he had conducted the research on Consolidating Democracy in Nepal through Transparent Campaign Finance. After that, Pathak has been constantly engaged in this issue. Pathak has conducted research on Campaign Finance and It's Implications for State Policy in Nepal (2018), Cost of Politics in Nepal (2021), Rising Campaign Finance in Nepal, Time to Act for Reformation (2022). Pathak has also involved in conducting research on Provincial Misinformation Monitoring (2022 Unpublished) and Nepal Misinformation Landscape (2023 Unpublished).

Pathak has co-authored several books/research reports in Nepali, Press and Civic Freedom Index (2022), Civil Society under Pressure (2022), Shrinking Media Space (2022), Media in Province (2022), Media in Pandemic (2021), Media Coverage of Nepali Labor Migrants During Covid-19 Pandemic (2020 English), Media Policies and Laws in Federalism (2019), The Status and Access of Media in Far West Province (2016), Constituent Assembly Members on Federalism (2014), Media Reader (2013) etc. He has written occasional papers on constitution writing and peace process of Nepal. He has published research articles in Studies in Nepali History and Society, Media Adhyayan, Nepali Journal of Contemporary Studies and Baha Journal. He also teaches media and contemporary studies at different universities of Nepal.
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Tilak Prasad Pathak