Full Name
Dave Woolston
Job Title
Product Policy Manager
Speaker Bio
Dave Woolston is a Product Policy Manager at Roblox where he is responsible for researching, drafting, and implementing core policies, community standards, and moderation guidance. Prior to joining Roblox, he was a Product Policy Manager at LinkedIn, joining the newly created TnS Policy Team in 2019. While at LinkedIn, he led a Global Misinformation Taskforce through the Covid pandemic and during the 2020 US and Brazilian elections. Dave found his way into Trust and Safety when he joined Tinder in 2014. Originally starting on the marketing team, he quickly found himself more interested in moderation and creating a safe environment for its users. When Tinder first created a CS/TnS team he was asked to join as an analyst. Over the next four and a half years he helped build out the organization as a Senior Analyst and established training, moderation processes, internal and external workflows, and content policy before focusing on law enforcement requests, GDPR, and child safety. He has a passion for Trust and Safety has met some of the kindest and most considerate people through this industry.
Dave Woolston