Full Name
Sarah Knowles
Job Title
Global Vice President Wellbeing
Speaker Bio
Sarah Knowles is a Health, Safety and Wellbeing professional with over 18 years of industry experience. Currently working at Teleperformance as Global Vice President of Wellbeing, Sarah is responsible for the wellbeing of 460,000+ global employees, which includes leading the dedicated Trust & Safety wellness program and a team of 200+ wellbeing professionals globally.

With ten years of BPO experience, a true passion for people, a knack for making meaningful connections and an insatiable appetite for helping others to live well and flourish, Sarah is experienced in leading wellness best practices in the Trust & Safety field.

Sarah has a successful history of designing, implementing, and maintaining wellness programs that are accessible, equitable and attainable whilst elevating wellbeing as a strategic business imperative.
Sarah Knowles