Full Name
Priyanka Manchanda
Job Title
Data Scientist
Speaker Bio
s a Data Scientist specializing in Trust & Safety and Employee Well-being, I leverage my expertise in data collection, analysis, visualization, survey design, and experimentation to develop scalable solutions that improve employee well-being for content moderators in various industries. Drawing on my background in Analytics and Software Engineering, I specialize in uncovering the stories hidden within data, and I work closely with tool developers and data engineers to understand the data behind the tools and APIs. I analyze table relationships and data models to create insightful dashboards that enable informed decision-making

I contributed to a few publications, "Effects of a Novel Resiliency Training Program for Social Media Content Moderators", "Content Moderator Startle Response: A Qualitative Study," and "Repeated exposure increases professional content moderators’ belief in false claims", which reflect my deep interest in the intersection of data analysis, employee well-being, and trust and safety.

My passion is to use data to create positive change in the world. I'm always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals, so please don't hesitate to reach out.
Priyanka Manchanda