Full Name
Chris Harrison
Job Title
SVP, Well-Being & Organizational Development
Speaker Bio
Chris Harrison, Ph.D. is the SVP of Well-Being & Organizational Development at IntouchCX, where he's responsible for ensuring that all of the company's people have the opportunity to feel seen, heard, cared for and understood. His approach to organizational development includes the integration of social neuroscience, clinical psychology and contemplative practices to help unleash potential and optimize performance at every level of the company. Chris is committed to nurturing an intentional Culture of Care in a manner that prioritizes psychological safety, inclusion and a deep sense of community.

Prior to joining IntouchCX, Chris served as a Consulting Psychologist at Meta (formerly Facebook) where he helped to establish the tech industry's first Psychological Health & Safety Program for content moderators. He also co-led the company’s internal mindfulness program. Chris remains passionate about helping to ensure that those who keep the internet safe are provided with working conditions that maintain their psychological health.
Chris Harrison