Full Name
Alicia Blum-Ross
Job Title
Senior Director, Global Policy & Outreach
Speaker Bio
Alicia is the Senior Director for Policy and Policy Outreach at Twitch, where she leads the team responsible for writing and updating the platform's Community Guidelines, Product Policy and User safety outreach. Prior to coming to Twitch she worked at YouTube and Google in the Product/Compliance and Public Policy teams for 4 years. In her time at YouTube she helped create resources to support families like the YouTube parental supervised experience and Best Practices for family creators as well as launching compliance programs for new laws like the Age-Appropriate Design Code. While she has worked in industry T&S for a little over 5 years her career has spanned almost 20 years of work to support youth and caregivers on and offline. Before working in the tech industry she was an academic and media literacy educator, and co-authored the book Parenting for a Digital Future: How Hopes and Fears About Technology Shape Children’s Lives. She has appeared in press including NPR, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and more.
X (formerly Twitter) Handle
Alicia Blum-Ross