The Future of Online Child Protection: Exploring the Impact of Age-Verification

The Age-Appropriate Design Code (AADC) is a growing legislative trend, particularly in the US. While the AADC aims to protect children's privacy and ensure they are shielded from inappropriate online content, it also poses potential privacy and safety risks for children, particularly when it comes to age verification. Complying with age verification requirements is a complex task for Internet companies, and this panel seeks to address this issue. By bringing together industry experts and content moderation specialists, the panel will explore the legal and technological implications of AADC compliance. Discussions will cover best practices, challenges, and emerging trends related to age verification generally.

Location Name
Ballroom C
Thursday, July 13, 2023
4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
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Designing for Safety, Regulation
All TrustCon attendees
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