Safety & Community Lightning Talks | Trust and Safety by the People, for the People: Working with Volunteers on Policy and Enforcement

Trust and Safety is difficult. Policy must be robust enough to withstand pressure from both bad and good-faith actors, and straightforward enough to be enforceable with minimal edge-cases. At the Wikimedia Foundation, these policies are public and enforced by the thousands of volunteers who work to make Wikipedia and related sites safe and productive places to contribute. T&S at the Foundation requires intense liaison work, communication, and relationship building in dozens of languages and cultures. The recently-ratified Universal Code of Conduct is just one of the ways the Foundation works to improve the safety of users on the platform. This session will discuss the challenges and benefits of working so directly with volunteers, and touch on what makes this approach so novel.


Lightning talks are 5-7 minute talks grouped with other 5-7 minute talks across a 50 minute session. There will be time for Q&A after all of the lightning talks in a session.

Location Name
Seacliff A
Thursday, July 13, 2023
2:50 PM - 3:40 PM
Session Type
Lightning Talk
Session Themes
Partnerships, Policy
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