Trust & Safety in the Majority World

The topic of Trust & Safety, a term that encompasses principles, products, people and processes to safeguard online experiences, has become integral to conversations about the internet and internet-based platforms and services. Many of the most popular platforms and services are US-based and while they maintain a global presence, strategic conversations are driven by and centered on the US and EU countries. On the other hand, the majority of platform users are based in the Majority World, creating growth opportunities but also adding complexity to content moderation and regulatory readiness. Further, platforms need to provide trustworthy experiences at unprecedented scale, which is further complicated by coverage across countries, languages and contexts where what’s needed to create trustworthy experiences varies. We propose a workshop on “Trust & Safety in the Majority World” as a space to discuss the unique concerns of the Majority World in the context of Trust & Safety. Specifically, the workshop will be the first step towards creating contextual maps and models that enable the curation of best practices and frameworks to scale globally while incorporating local needs. Expected Outcomes: Any guidelines and findings from the workshop will be written up for documentation and circulation via the TSPA Newsletter and TSPA Library. We will continue to engage asynchronously after the event to continue to build on any materials seeded at the event (e.g., contextual maps and other models). We will encourage participants to form collaborative relationships and partner on research and knowledge sharing opportunities. We will also urge them to spread the word and host their own events, specifically to engage individuals who may not have had the opportunity to participate in the workshop due to travel constraints.

Attendees may want to skim this article about the phrase "Majority World": 1. Data & Society interview with Shahidul Alam who originated the phrase: 

This workshop is targeted to individuals making or influencing strategic decisions about T&S prioritization and resourcing across these functions: Policy, Product Management, Partnerships, Operations and T&S Leadership. Additionally, discussions will be most relevant to T&S organizations and platforms that currently have or are considering an impending expansion to a global user base. This workshop will be less interesting to B2B platforms.

This workshop is open to all TrustCon attendees except for press. Chatham House Rule will apply, and recording will be prohibited.

Location Name
Boardroom B
Tuesday, July 11, 2023
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
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Session Themes
Partnerships, Policy, Product
No press
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