Ops & Scaling Lightning Talks | Leveraging Indexing to Scale Automated Content Moderation

Human content moderating is a big part of Trust & Safety operations - and also a costly one. This lightning talk will explore how to leverage those reviews to create repositories of known bad or safe content, e.g. images and videos - and proactively remove subsequent uploads of similar or exact copies of that content automatically, resulting in cost savings and safer platforms. Topics covered

- Case-studies on savings and automation rates using indexing

- Crash-course on indexing and hash-matching

- Framework on how to set-up operations and measurement required to populate and maintain content repositories

- Potential pitfalls to take into consideration


Lightning talks are 5-7 minute talks grouped with other 5-7 minute talks across a 50 minute session. There will be time for Q&A after all of the lightning talks in a session.

Location Name
Seacliff C
Wednesday, July 12, 2023
4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
Session Type
Lightning Talk
Session Themes
Scaling T&S
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