Lessons Learned in Cross-Functional Relationship Building by Zoom Trust and Safety

As we’ve seen trust & safety (“T&S”) teams subjected to reductions in force across the tech sector, it seems more important than ever that we T&S professionals build the case to our colleagues and employers, the tech industry more broadly, and customers and stakeholders that strong customer trust equals a strong, sustainable and profitable business. More importantly, we need to prove that it's us T&S professionals that deliver that trust. T&S professionals have always adapted and innovated to accommodate the different ways tech is produced and used. Now, a company's T&S policies, operations, and organizational structure largely depend on its products, resources, and users. This topic was discussed at the inaugural TrustCon in 2022, in which Zoom hosted a panel and discussion on how we, and other companies, approach T&S as companies lower in the tech stack. To build on the article we published last year, "How to Build a Trust and Safety Team In a Year: A Practical Guide From Lessons Learned (So Far) At Zoom," and our previous TrustCon panel, we want to share some further lessons we’ve learned at Zoom that have helped us build our case for the value of T&S. Long story short, we’ve had success because we don’t go it alone. In this panel, we want to highlight the cross-collaborative relationships and processes we’ve built. These relationships have fueled our approach to keeping Zoom users safe, and building and maintaining trust in our platform. We’ll begin our presentation with a brief introduction on the origin of T&S at Zoom. Next, we’ll provide an overview on how our T&Steam has built and fostered relationships with other functions at Zoom, particularly with our Communications, Engineering, Government Relations and Product teams, and we’ll conclude with a few case studies that feature these successful relationships and processes at work. This presentation is intended for those in the industry that are looking to build the T&S brand, foster similar cross collaborative relationships inside their companies, provide more input into the product development process, instill T&S into the fabric of their company’ culture, or simply want to make friends in other departments. Zoom T&S takes pride in being adaptable and innovative, and we like to say that we are building a plane while flying it. It is our intent to share any tools we have that can help other T&S teams and professionals build and fly their own planes.

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Seacliff B
Thursday, July 13, 2023
1:30 PM - 2:20 PM
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All TrustCon attendees
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