Wednesday, September 28, 2022
9:20 PM - 9:40 PM (PDT)
Bonus Content: The Growth of Global Election Disinformation: The Role and Methodology of Government-linked Cyber Actors

Nisos researchers uncovered a prolific disinformation campaign focused on Colombia’s May 2022 elections in which Venezuelan leftist organizations were driving social media narratives in support of Colombian Presidential Candidate, and former M-19 revolutionary member, Gustavo Petro. In this presentation, we will discuss the narratives, accounts, and outlets used to influence decisions at scale through various shadowy digital marketing firms and campaigns, along with the various technologies we use to detect and alert on disinformation at scale. We will also look at how digital actors bring together different “offensive unit” subnetworks to influence narratives and perceptions, and discuss best practices that can be employed when facing similar attacks.

Speakers: Sandra Quincose

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