Thursday, September 29, 2022
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM (PDT)
A Panel on Procedural Justice, in Theory and Practice

Procedural Justice is a theoretical framework for building trust and legitimacy in decision making that has been empirically tested and applied over the past four decades across varying contexts from employer-employee relations to the criminal-legal setting looking at police-citizen interactions. This approach suggests that people are more concerned with the process through which decisions are made than they are with the specific outcomes, and that when people feel that they were treated fairly when decisions are made they are more likely to accept those decisions and voluntarily follow rules moving forward. But how can this body of literature be used to help shape our online environments and what do we know about if and how Procedural Justice applies to these online environments? In this panel, we hope to formally introduce people to this theoretical framework while also deepening the understanding for those already familiar. But moving from the theoretical to practical, we will discuss some of the research emerging out of the last couple years where researchers have applied these ideas to the Trust & Safety space. We will hear from industry professionals who have worked to incorporate Procedural Justice principles not just into the safety products they are building, but into their internal organizations and approach to their own work.

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