Wednesday, September 28, 2022
3:40 AM - 4:00 AM (PDT)
Safety by Design for Trust and Safety Professionals

In this session, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner(eSafety) representatives will explore ways in which trust and safety professionals can proactively identify and mitigate emerging harms and risks by considering security, safety, and privacy together, and employing Safety by Design. eSafety’s world leading Safety by Design initiative provides trust and safety professionals with risk assessment tools that illustrate where existing strengths and weaknesses lie and equips organisations with practical tools to seize identified opportunities for improvement. A series of case studies and working examples highlight key factors for trust and safety professionals to consider in their approach to areas such as community moderation, community consultation, reporting tools and escalation pathways, as well as content moderator wellness and wellbeing. The session will explore Safety by Design in the context of Australia’s legislative framework, with a particular focus on the intersection of Safety by Design and the Basic Online Safety Expectations. Safety by Design is future-focused in considering actual and potential harms in new and emerging sectors. As many professionals in the online space are aware, the metaverse will be powered by immersive technologies enabling users to experience and interact online in three dimensions with digital content in a way that looks, sounds, and feels real. These technologies, like augmented and virtual reality and haptics, offer incredible opportunities in education, entertainment, and accessibility. They also create new safety, privacy and security challenges for trust and safety professionals, individuals, companies, law enforcement, and governments. This session will explore the application of Safety by Design in these burgeoning environments and consider how learnings from Web 2.0 can help shape a safer, fairer, and more inclusive future digital environment. The eSafety team will also tackle questions from the audience in a Q&A.

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