Wednesday, September 28, 2022
1:00 AM - 1:20 AM (PDT)
Trust, Safety and the Digital Economy

In the UK, the trust and safety community has doubled in size over the past year. While in part this growth has been fuelled by incoming regulation, it also has roots in the growing recognition among companies of the negative business impact of online toxicity. In this talk, we'll discuss the implications of a major new UK government report qualifying the economic benefits of trust and safety (published August 2022). For individual companies, these benefits include increased brand value, customer retention and staff retention. And to the wider digital economy, in sectors such as gaming and esports, public sector and large brands, online trust and safety can help protect up to £240bn of economic value. We will also discuss the rapid growth in the UK and US of a new tech sector - 'safety tech' - whose products and services can help trust and safety teams create safer user environments, and on the potential for growth of the trust and safety sector in the UK.

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