Tuesday, September 27, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PDT)
Embedding Transparency, Accountability, and Human Rights into Online Counterterrorism Efforts

In this session, Tech Against Terrorism will present on its transparency and accountability framework for online counterterrorism efforts. This framework builds on Tech Against Terrorism’s experience in supporting the global tech sector in tackling terrorist use of the internet whilst safeguarding human rights and freedom of expression online. Tech Against Terrorism works across platforms of all size and audiences that are operating in multiple jurisdictions. Through our policy work, we support a broad range of platforms in navigating the complex landscapes of transparency expectations and legal requirements, whilst adapting our approach to the specificities of their services and audiences. We have developed our transparency and accountability framework by accounting for the diversity of the tech sector and acknowledging the challenges that smaller and newer platforms may face in developing a resilient yet transparent counterterrorism approach. In this presentation, Tech Against Terrorism will build upon its experience to provide insight into how companies can provide transparency into their counterterrorism efforts in meaningful ways. In the first part of our session, we will build upon the different factors we considered when developing our transparency and accountability framework. In the second part, we will explain how our framework can be adapted by platforms of different sizes, facing various Trust & Safety challenges, to encourage more meaningful transparency and accountability across the tech sector. For tech platforms, we know that transparency is a process through which reporting is one outcome. To ensure meaningful transparency across the platform economy, Tech Against Terrorism sets forth scalable levers of transparency for tech companies to improve accountability to their users and the public in our Transparency Reporting Guidelines.

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