Attendees of TrustCon will be expected to follow TSPA’s Code of Conduct. TSPA’s Code of Conduct highlights the importance of creating an inclusive, safe, and respectful community for everyone, including those attending this conference. Please make sure to read TSPA’s Code of Conduct before attending. In addition to the Code of Conduct, below are additional expectations for attendees at TrustCon.

Sensitive Content
Due to the nature of our work, there may be times when attendees will need to share, discuss, or debate material that is offensive or harmful. Participants will have different comfort levels regarding different types of sensitive content. When speaking of sensitive content (examples of what is considered sensitive content can be found here), please provide notice or warning. If it’s in a formal context (presentation, talk), provide trigger warnings beforehand, either verbally or in the presentation slides or materials. If being discussed informally amongst attendees, please let new people who are joining your conversation that you are discussing sensitive content.

Privacy at TrustCon
We expect attendees to adhere to the following privacy guidelines at TrustCon: 

  • Not everyone attending the conference may feel comfortable being photographed or having their photos, social media handles, or socially tagged online. TSPA will have a system to help attendees signal their comfort level in being photographed, but if you’re unsure, ask for consent.  
  • There will be some sessions that are closed to T&S professionals and will be limited only to TSPA corporate supporters and individual members. During those sessions, presenters will let attendees know if they are allowed to take photos, post online, or share any of its content outside of the group. Presenters will provide further privacy guidance as needed. 
  • Be cautious about geotagging social media posts if others are tagged in your post or are in your photos.

Health and Safety
Please be sure to review our expectations around health and safety issues (including COVID-19) at TrustCon. Note that due to the ever-changing nature of COVID, we may change certain rules and guidelines at COVID-19, so check back regularly. 

Alcohol Policy
Please note that alcohol (as well as non-alcoholic) beverages will be available during some social and networking events at TrustCon. Please use best judgment regarding your alcohol intake. Servers are authorized to deny serving more alcohol if they believe someone has had too much.